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DEF Belgium

More than 40 years of experience

DEF Belgium is the Belgian representative of the DEF network, one of the largest independent European manufacturer in the field of fire safety. Our core activity is to offer customised solutions and services for fire detection systems, voice alarm & public address systems, automatic extinguishing systems (gas and water mist) and IT management systems (monitoring, infrastructure management).

DEF Belgium was founded in 1976 and has been active on the Belgian market as an established specialist for more than 40 years.

Our team of experts supports you in the success of your fire safety and maintenance projects, from design to implementation, in compliance with normative, legal and regulatory requirements.

Our mission: to protect our customers against fire risks, guarantee their activities and ensure the safety of all those present.

DEF Belgium’s customers include big names in industry, transport, telecommunications, hospitals, the energy sector and the public authorities.

We have obtained the following certificates: FISQ, BOSEC, ISO-9001, VCA** and others.






Member of an international network

DEF Belgium, a company of the DEF network


DEF Belgium belongs to the DEF Network, which consists of more than 50 companies with international coverage and each with specific expertise in fire safety (fire detection, automatic extinguishing, smoke extraction and compartmentation, safety sound system, management of emergency exit doors) or related professions such as video, access control and security. Through its membership of the DEF Network, DEF Belgium has all the expertise necessary to offer a complete and tailor-made range of excellence and to respond as effectively as possible to the many and complex problems in the field of fire safety.

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